About Journalism as a Learning Tool

Youths nowadays are exposed to a wide range of media and sources, some of them reliable, some not. Unfortunately, the majority tend not to trust the media anymore, maybe because they lack analysis skills. Fake news is everywhere, and students struggle to identify them. Surveys among partner countries indicate that youths are less and less interested in taking part of public debate. This may lead to a democratically challenge.

The partnership in this project intent to develop innovative ways of dealing with these challenges. We will use journalism as tool for learning.

The main objective of this partnership is to create innovative ways for teachers and schools to use journalism as tool and methodology to train student’s on media literacy, critical thinking, cultural learning and raise awareness among youth to take more part in public debate. As a result, the project will improve our students’ ICT skills and media skills as a means of communication, to publish results of our activities, compare with our partners’ results and to gain public attention for our project.

The project runs for 24 months with Prios from Norway as coordinator. Partners are Vienna Association of Education Volunteers/VAEV (Austria),  Trabzon Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi (Turkey), Colegiul Național "Calistrat Hogaș" (Romania), Asbl La Fraternité (Belgium) and Second English Language School "Thomas Jefferson"  (Bulgaria)